Customized Audio Production, Scoring And sound Design.

The scope of an artist's vision is determined by the degree of inspiration and the quality of work that is invested into realizing that vision to it's fullest. 

Our job at Visionguild is to be the 'quality' in that work.

Whether made specifically for your project or found in one of our existing libraries, our music is created to stand on it's own in service to your vision.  

Together, the Work becomes Art.    

How it Works:

We believe that the power of film as a medium is indelibly linked to the type of music that supports it. Our specialty lies in creating music and soundscapes that match your work's potential with ours. Present us your vision, and we will work with you step by step to realize it as we compliment it with our own. Alternately, the music available in our catalogues was created on it's own behalf and can serve as a catalyst at any point in your process.
Ultimately, it becomes infinitely greater than the sum of it's parts.

Ocean Driven Premiers Across the U.S. in 2015. 
Auralia Productions has included seven tracks by Clay Hawkins, for the new film, Ocean Driven, about big wave surfer and 2010 Mavericks champion Chris Bertish.  Choosing from a suite of work provided by Clay at the beginning of production, the directors found seven that fit their vision for the film. We're excited to be part of such a outstanding project.  

Digital Preserve and Visionguild team up for David & Gladys Wright Foundation video series.
Chronicling the restoration and transformation of the home Frank Lloyd Wright designed for his son David Wright in Arcadia, Arizona, into a multi-use museum and cultural space to celebrate the legacy of architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, the home itself, and the community.

The Art:

Below is the work that is currently available to purchase and/or license. We have organized them by energy level and their instrumentation, with a description next to each playlist to help you sort through them quickly. Many of songs can be re-mixed and edited to custom fit your project. All transactions happen through our associated Bandcamp account.


November Sessions:

Fuzzy slide guitar with low classic organ and drums supporting it. A harmonica drifts in and out as well. Dusty Psychedelic Music.